Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back in the Day

Back in the Day...
Back in the day, they called me unfriendly,
"Just smile sweet heart, you're prettier that way",
But if only, I thought, I had words to say,
I'm not really unfriendly,
I'm just scared,
Scarred too many times by a look from another that screamed, "i don't care",
So yes, I tend to glare,
but no one knows the story of what brought me there,
After one too many times of being thrown aside,
I learned how to hide,
And yeah, I grew a scowl,
A hatred most foul,
That bitter, angry stare,
that lets you know,
There is a fire blazing just under there,
that doesn't show,
A raging torrent that burns with a flaming, "fuck you",
To a world that has never had a clue,
About the real you,
The pain that you place in another is a seed of hate that blooms in a sea of rejection and loneliness,
The recollection of that day in class I looked your way and you said, "What's your problem freak?!"
And though my words back may have sounded something like,
"Fine, I don't want to be your friend",
I knew,
I knew what was true,
That all I really wanted was a friend,
but did you.

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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fuck You Wal-Mart

Fuck You Wal-Mart...  (yeah, I said it! O.O)

Fuck you Wal-mart and all your cancerous, pretend fake food.
Fuck your slave wages and your cocky attitude.

Fuck your shitty service, and your retarded fucking staff.
If people weren't starving to death it might make me laugh.
Fuck your 8000 lines and the ONE number you have lit.
Fuck you Wal-mart, I've had it with your shit.

Fuck you Wal-mart, for those pictures that you lost.
Fuck you Wal-mart and your low fucking cost.

I lose that much more from this pain in my ass.
Fuck you Wal-mart, and your zero fucking class.

 Fuck you wal-mart, all your CEO's, and all that you do...

Hey Sams Club! Yeah, fuck you too!

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

As Above, So Below

Here we are my dearest love, 
Rising so very high above, 
Here we are so far below,
Beyond where the shadows grow,

Let me breathe inside of thee, 
All life comes forth unto me, 
I am above, I am below,
I am all that you will ever know,

I am all that you see, 
I am all that you'll ever be,
I am all that is true, 
I am the light, and the dark, inside of you,

I am the highest wave,
I am the deepest cave, 
I am the love you make, 
And every promise that you break,

I am the lightning and the sky, 
I am that spark inside your eye,
I am the tell every time you lie,
I am your tears every time you cry,

I am the eternal mother, 
and every being is your sister... or brother.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When Its Too Late...

When It’s Too Late….

When every last meadow and every last forest,
Becomes a desert land,
When all the ocean at every edge,
Covers every grain of sand,

When all the fish have drowned in air,
And all the birds have fallen to the ground,
The time will be passed,
Far beyond our grasp,
For our salvation to be found,

There is no more time,

No more excuses,
The ices are melting,
The seas are rising,
Do you hear those screams over there?
That’s 100 million more dying,

They have their very own voices,
Though they may never speak,
And in their sleep they dream,
Of a life not so bleak,
All that blood spilled today,
Cannot just be washed away,
And all our water is turning red,
We too shall soon be dead,

Our demise shall be a karmic grasp for balance,
Release from the chaos we rein,
A fitting cost for all that pain,

We took each life to quench our greed,
Death is not a part of need,
And this is the cost,
For each life taken,
Another shall be lost,

This is the cost of our consumption,
And our addiction to blind assumption,
You cannot say you were not warned,
Or that you could not know,
For each day I seek to make you see,
Each day I tried to show,

It wasn’t your intentions my dear sweet friend,
It was your actions

…and inactions

… In the end.


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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celestial Bodies

Behold my most recent and my greatest painted creation of my life.... "Celestial Bodies"
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Friday, June 27, 2014

Flight of the Rabbit

Flight of the Rabbit
by Lady Rhiannon

            We drove down the state road to the interstate, like any other day. We have yet to hit an animal of any kind on the road. We saw seven rabbits on the road during our last camping excursion and managed to miss them all, but we have had to get used to seeing many a fallen victim tossed on the roadside felled by other less careful drivers….tossed aside like so much garbage. Suddenly we passed a small grey body writhing in the middle of the on-coming lane. I could not bear to leave it be, so we turned back, hoping at least to confirm the lack of continued suffering.
 I ran out of the car and out on to the road. There, lying under a streaked pool of her own blood, was a precious life …now passed from this world. The writhing had stopped. Her neck had been broken so severely that the skin had been ripped off of her neck. So beautiful she was though… soft brown fur, fluffy tail, smooth pink ears, and clear brown eyes now dulled of life. I touched her and felt her release one final shallow breath…then nothing more. I scooped her up in my arms, I could feel her warm blood on my hands, and I carried her to a bed of clover and laid her down. I stoked her fur and told her how sorry I was for how stupid we as humans are….how disrespectful and thoughtless.
As I scrubbed her blood from my hands, I thought about how insignificant humans think rabbits are (as well as most other animals) because there are so many of them. They don’t matter because there are millions of them, they all look the same, we can’t communicate with them, and they aren’t as intelligent, yadda yadda yadda. How insignificant are they though? They may seem insignificant to us, but to each rabbit, to each being, they are very significant. How many times have we, as humans, felt like one of billions of faceless ants marching along the same path? We often treat other humans we do not know as being insignificant, but if we stopped for a minute, and really got to know the person and their life, we would feel for them more deeply and understand them as individuals. We are insignificant to others until they know who we are, than we could be their best friend or the love of their life. Each animal is an individual unto themselves. They don’t need to seem significant to us for them to be deserving of their life.
Would we not seem so insignificant to other species? How would we feel if our lives were deemed to not matter by an intelligent race of alien beings? There are so many of us, we may all look the same to them, they may not understand us, and we would be less intelligent than them. Would that justify the new dominant species taking us as slaves and using us as entertainment, play things, experiments, clothing, food, or “good sport”? Would we accept our fate as the inferior species, or would we feel the victims of grave injustice and fight against our malevolent oppressors with all the force left in us?
The rabbit whose death I witnessed was an individual, and that individual is gone forever and cannot be replaced. She had a personality and identity all her own. She may have had a name in a language we are too stupid to understand. She had preferences and dislikes, fears and hopes, memories. She hoped to survive, but sometimes the world can look pretty hopeless. After I got back in the car I had flashes of what her last moments must have been like. I imagined it so deeply I could feel it. I could feel her panic … the sudden impact … writhing in pain and fear…trying in vain to get a broken body to work in those last moments…then fading out of consciousness, cars mindlessly rushing over you.
Some may say that we are all insignificant, but I prefer to believe that we are all very much significant. We are each a unique thread in the increasingly complex and elaborate tapestry of life, and each pulled fiber changes and potentially compromises the integrity of the entire design. Also, each individual is an entire universe unto themselves, each our own tapestry. We are both all alone and all together on this earth. For a life to matter, it need only be significant to itself. Assuming that they must also account themselves to us is merely human egotism at work…. “What purpose does it serve to me/humans?” Each life is ultimately about the individual. My life is not about you; your life is not about me. That rabbit’s life is not about you….it’s about the rabbit. I will call her Peace….which is what I hope for the world and all of her sentient beings.     

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kirsten Dunst, Patriarchy, and Other Forms of Stupid...

 Kirsten Dunst, Patriarchy, and Other Forms of Stupid...

Patriarchy and Feminism: When Will We Ever Learn What They Mean?

This is the kind of retardation stemming from anti-feminists.
I am so ashamed of all these women I am noticing on Facebook and other areas of the internet blowing up about how they aren't feminists because they like being feminine and wearing dresses and don't want "feminazis" telling them not to. News Flash!...I LOVE dresses! I love feeling flowing, pretty, and "feminine". Being a feminist does not mean you detest anything feminine and think women should never be "girlie".....feminist means that we believe in gender equality and gender freedom...that though we are different, we are of equal value. Feminism is about knowing that women and men are capable of being strong and expressing ourselves in whatever way we desire. What don't people get about that? If you believe in equality, you are a feminist or should consider yourself so.
I think a LOT of young women (and men too) need a course in women's studies to appreciate the long history of sexism and patriarchy that exists and has existed in this country and all around the world, in varying degrees, practically since the dawn of humanity. They would also be better able to appreciate all those who fought and DIED so that they have the opportunity to vote, open their own bank account, earn their own wages, wear pants if they want (or not), become doctors and lawyers, choose to marry or not to marry whomever they want....and all the other rights once denied to almost all women in this country. We also still have far to go, so it is infuriating when I hear men or women say that feminism is no longer needed....that the mission is complete. How absurd!
 In regards to the Shit Storm about Kirsten Dunst, the headline shouldn't be about "Kirsten Dunst Upsets Feminists"...It should be "Kirsten Dunst Has Close Minded View of Gender Roles." Saying that men need to be men and women need to be women implies that there is a RIGHT way to be a man and a RIGHT way to be a woman...and that is wrong. It wasn't expressed as just her opinion or how her relationship specifically seems to work, she seemed to be saying that this is how she thinks ALL people should function, because it is the "right" way. It is also akin to more of that, "a woman needs a man to feel like a woman" crap. Of course she is entitled to her stupid one is implying that she should shut up or not act on her first amendment rights (despite the fact that conservatives are whining about us "attacking" her for expressing her opinion - not that THEY ever attack anyone for expressing THEIR opinion, right?!)...but WE also have the freedom to call her out on her close-minded view and express OUR opinion that she is wrong.Once you put yourself out there, you are up for criticism.
More important, however, than Kirsten's single view, is the worldview as a whole regarding women, gender, and feminism.There is something screwed up about a society that thinks it is shameful for a man to be feminine or for a woman not to be feminine.....when celebrities, who (like it or not) act as role models, think it’s okay to dictate that "men should be men" and "women should be women"...implying that there is a "right" way to be a man and a "wrong" way to be a man or woman. It is sick and is indicative of our engrained, sociological sexism. If a man isn't "manly" enough than what is he called?...pussy, girlie man, or gay. Calling a man a woman is an insult....and THAT should be insulting to women. In society it is shameful and offensive when men "act like women" but also shameful for a woman to act anything but like what that traditional view of a woman should be.
Some defend it because its traditional! This is the problem with tradition, and thinking that "traditional" somehow means something better or more wholesome. You know what is also "traditional" throughout the bulk of human history? Arranged marriages, slavery, racism, public executions, animal and human sacrifice...just to name a few. People defending tradition for the sake of tradition are fools. Those who argue against feminism are also fools. Gender inequality, gender stratification, and presuppositions about what one sex or the other is supposed to act or look like are all detrimental to everyone within a society under such strains, and it is incumbent upon us as individuals, as a society, as a nation, and as a global community to break free of all our various forms of oppression and foolishness.

#KirstenDunceFailsAgain Read about her latest stupid comments

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Hard to argue with this level of stupid.

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