Wednesday, June 3, 2015



Born to a mother, then taken away,
Thrown in a cage, and forced there to stay,
Turned to a mother, but not by her choice,
She screamed and she screamed, but she still had no voice,
All of her babies were taken away,
There was no mercy, for Mercy that day,

Day after day, dark, bleak, and grey,
No escape, no release, no other way,
Lost in the swirling sea of endless cries,
Another day passes, another soul dies,
Will this be the day they come take her away,
Or will they suffer her one more night there to stay,

Here they come now, to lead her down the hall,
The eyes of terror reflected, in stall after stall,
Now is the time, the light, the chance to flee,
Now is the final fight, the flight, the will to be free,
The grass, she can feel it, the Sun, she can see,
"The warmth of the earth, I can feel beneath me",

She escaped her captures, and fled away,
She watched the blue dissolve the grey,
Alas, her kind, they say, can never be free,
Her slavers, her killers, could not let her be,
And now she too, has been taken away,
There was no mercy, for Mercy that day.

The Lady Rhiannon​

In honor of #Mercy the pig, who escaped her captures only to be sent to slaughter anyway. No mercy for Mercy. May you not be forgotten....

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