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Kirsten Dunst, Patriarchy, and Other Forms of Stupid...

 Kirsten Dunst, Patriarchy, and Other Forms of Stupid...

Patriarchy and Feminism: When Will We Ever Learn What They Mean?

This is the kind of retardation stemming from anti-feminists.
I am so ashamed of all these women I am noticing on Facebook and other areas of the internet blowing up about how they aren't feminists because they like being feminine and wearing dresses and don't want "feminazis" telling them not to. News Flash!...I LOVE dresses! I love feeling flowing, pretty, and "feminine". Being a feminist does not mean you detest anything feminine and think women should never be "girlie".....feminist means that we believe in gender equality and gender freedom...that though we are different, we are of equal value. Feminism is about knowing that women and men are capable of being strong and expressing ourselves in whatever way we desire. What don't people get about that? If you believe in equality, you are a feminist or should consider yourself so.
I think a LOT of young women (and men too) need a course in women's studies to appreciate the long history of sexism and patriarchy that exists and has existed in this country and all around the world, in varying degrees, practically since the dawn of humanity. They would also be better able to appreciate all those who fought and DIED so that they have the opportunity to vote, open their own bank account, earn their own wages, wear pants if they want (or not), become doctors and lawyers, choose to marry or not to marry whomever they want....and all the other rights once denied to almost all women in this country. We also still have far to go, so it is infuriating when I hear men or women say that feminism is no longer needed....that the mission is complete. How absurd!
 In regards to the Shit Storm about Kirsten Dunst, the headline shouldn't be about "Kirsten Dunst Upsets Feminists"...It should be "Kirsten Dunst Has Close Minded View of Gender Roles." Saying that men need to be men and women need to be women implies that there is a RIGHT way to be a man and a RIGHT way to be a woman...and that is wrong. It wasn't expressed as just her opinion or how her relationship specifically seems to work, she seemed to be saying that this is how she thinks ALL people should function, because it is the "right" way. It is also akin to more of that, "a woman needs a man to feel like a woman" crap. Of course she is entitled to her stupid one is implying that she should shut up or not act on her first amendment rights (despite the fact that conservatives are whining about us "attacking" her for expressing her opinion - not that THEY ever attack anyone for expressing THEIR opinion, right?!)...but WE also have the freedom to call her out on her close-minded view and express OUR opinion that she is wrong.Once you put yourself out there, you are up for criticism.
More important, however, than Kirsten's single view, is the worldview as a whole regarding women, gender, and feminism.There is something screwed up about a society that thinks it is shameful for a man to be feminine or for a woman not to be feminine.....when celebrities, who (like it or not) act as role models, think it’s okay to dictate that "men should be men" and "women should be women"...implying that there is a "right" way to be a man and a "wrong" way to be a man or woman. It is sick and is indicative of our engrained, sociological sexism. If a man isn't "manly" enough than what is he called?...pussy, girlie man, or gay. Calling a man a woman is an insult....and THAT should be insulting to women. In society it is shameful and offensive when men "act like women" but also shameful for a woman to act anything but like what that traditional view of a woman should be.
Some defend it because its traditional! This is the problem with tradition, and thinking that "traditional" somehow means something better or more wholesome. You know what is also "traditional" throughout the bulk of human history? Arranged marriages, slavery, racism, public executions, animal and human sacrifice...just to name a few. People defending tradition for the sake of tradition are fools. Those who argue against feminism are also fools. Gender inequality, gender stratification, and presuppositions about what one sex or the other is supposed to act or look like are all detrimental to everyone within a society under such strains, and it is incumbent upon us as individuals, as a society, as a nation, and as a global community to break free of all our various forms of oppression and foolishness.

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Hard to argue with this level of stupid.

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