Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fuck You Wal-Mart

Fuck You Wal-Mart...  (yeah, I said it! O.O)

Fuck you Wal-mart and all your cancerous, pretend fake food.
Fuck your slave wages and your cocky attitude.

Fuck your shitty service, and your retarded fucking staff.
If people weren't starving to death it might make me laugh.
Fuck your 8000 lines and the ONE number you have lit.
Fuck you Wal-mart, I've had it with your shit.

Fuck you Wal-mart, for those pictures that you lost.
Fuck you Wal-mart and your low fucking cost.

I lose that much more from this pain in my ass.
Fuck you Wal-mart, and your zero fucking class.

 Fuck you wal-mart, all your CEO's, and all that you do...

Hey Sams Club! Yeah, fuck you too!

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