Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back in the Day

Back in the Day...
Back in the day, they called me unfriendly,
"Just smile sweet heart, you're prettier that way",
But if only, I thought, I had words to say,
I'm not really unfriendly,
I'm just scared,
Scarred too many times by a look from another that screamed, "i don't care",
So yes, I tend to glare,
but no one knows the story of what brought me there,
After one too many times of being thrown aside,
I learned how to hide,
And yeah, I grew a scowl,
A hatred most foul,
That bitter, angry stare,
that lets you know,
There is a fire blazing just under there,
that doesn't show,
A raging torrent that burns with a flaming, "fuck you",
To a world that has never had a clue,
About the real you,
The pain that you place in another is a seed of hate that blooms in a sea of rejection and loneliness,
The recollection of that day in class I looked your way and you said, "What's your problem freak?!"
And though my words back may have sounded something like,
"Fine, I don't want to be your friend",
I knew,
I knew what was true,
That all I really wanted was a friend,
but did you.

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