Monday, June 1, 2015

Coming Home Again

Dedicated to this weekend at Mystic Valley...

Coming Home Again...

by Lady Rhiannon

Spirits are dancing within the rainbow sparkling night air,
What a treasure, oh what a pleasure,
Only Joy is there,
So clear, so twinkling,
Loved with such care,
All are smiling, All are fluttering,
Only Love is there,
Such Joy, such pleasure,
Oh what a perfect treasure,
Now I know how the Fae folk dwell,
No one can tell, shh do not tell,
Its just a spell, just a spell,
Its in the sweet, in the sweetest,
Just the sweetest smell,
Let us go, let us dance,
Away in the dell,
We will share, and we will care,
And only Love will be there,
Meet me there, oh meet me there,
Along the Mystic shore,
Meet me there , oh meet me there, Upon the misty moor,
We shall sing and we shall dance,
Under the midnight trance,
Then we'll climb upon the hill to greet the Sun again,
My mistress Moon, my mother Earth,
Freedom and fortune from thy birth,
Bring me home again,
Dance with me, Come dance with me,
Dance among the Fae,
Then come again, please come again,
Perhaps a brand new way,
Come and see, come away with me,
Away to Mystic Valley,
Where we shall sing and we shall dance,
And bring us home again.

Come to Mystic Valley, WV with us and awaken your soul....

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