Wednesday, August 27, 2014

As Above, So Below

Here we are my dearest love, 
Rising so very high above, 
Here we are so far below,
Beyond where the shadows grow,

Let me breathe inside of thee, 
All life comes forth unto me, 
I am above, I am below,
I am all that you will ever know,

I am all that you see, 
I am all that you'll ever be,
I am all that is true, 
I am the light, and the dark, inside of you,

I am the highest wave,
I am the deepest cave, 
I am the love you make, 
And every promise that you break,

I am the lightning and the sky, 
I am that spark inside your eye,
I am the tell every time you lie,
I am your tears every time you cry,

I am the eternal mother, 
and every being is your sister... or brother.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

When Its Too Late...

When It’s Too Late….

When every last meadow and every last forest,
Becomes a desert land,
When all the ocean at every edge,
Covers every grain of sand,

When all the fish have drowned in air,
And all the birds have fallen to the ground,
The time will be passed,
Far beyond our grasp,
For our salvation to be found,

There is no more time,

No more excuses,
The ices are melting,
The seas are rising,
Do you hear those screams over there?
That’s 100 million more dying,

They have their very own voices,
Though they may never speak,
And in their sleep they dream,
Of a life not so bleak,
All that blood spilled today,
Cannot just be washed away,
And all our water is turning red,
We too shall soon be dead,

Our demise shall be a karmic grasp for balance,
Release from the chaos we rein,
A fitting cost for all that pain,

We took each life to quench our greed,
Death is not a part of need,
And this is the cost,
For each life taken,
Another shall be lost,

This is the cost of our consumption,
And our addiction to blind assumption,
You cannot say you were not warned,
Or that you could not know,
For each day I seek to make you see,
Each day I tried to show,

It wasn’t your intentions my dear sweet friend,
It was your actions

…and inactions

… In the end.


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