Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Pain....

My Pain….

It’s never enough for you is it?
It never will be,
I could give you my blood and you would demand my soul,
I could offer you a piece and you’d demand it whole,
Until I am crawling at your feet and bleeding to death,
Until you drink that vengeance with every breath,  
My pain will never be enough

So I will never give you that,
I deny you that glory you think to want to know,
You shall feed no more on my screams,
Nor shall your shadow haunt my dreams,
Why should I let you in when you’re not even there?
Paralyzed before your monstrously empty stare?
My pain will never be enough

So no more, no more, no more,
No more of your demon inside my mind,
No more of you….feeding off of me,
I’m breaking my own chains and setting myself free,
I banish you from the waves inside my mind,
Calming the storm that once left me blind,
My pain will never be for you again

You have no more power here dark little thing,
You’ll get no more pain to feed from me,
Beat against the stone until it bleeds,
Go back inside your little hole,
You will never have my soul, 
Keep your little trinkets,
I will keep my little scars,
As little reminders of who you really are.

Art and words by
The Lady Rhiannon

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