Sunday, December 29, 2013



Send your black rip tide to sweep me away,

I can swim under the current,

Send your red flames from the inferno,

My power grows when I burn.

Do you think I stay up at night waiting for your darkness to consume me?

Do you think I am still that which I was?

That terrified child you sought to keep?

No my dear, I lose no sleep,

Not for you…

And I do not sleep alone.

You cast rocks upon me but you forget I am made of stone.

Your shadow has been cast,

Your storm has been endured,

Yet here I am… still standing,

Far stronger than before,

Far wiser than before,

Far beyond the reach of you.

Your ugliness will eat away at you slowly,

And here I shall remain,

For though my heart may ache,

It shall never break,

And though my stomach may churn,

You are the one who shall burn.

Tell me pitiful demon,

What have you to gain?

Feeding from my pain?

I may be your obsession,

But I will not be your possession,

It’s time for us both to be free,

And there is no force that can hold me…

Your battle is futile. 

The Lady Rhiannon

For anyone who overcame a force they once thought too powerful to endure.

Words are mine. Art not mine. Courtesy of Deviant Art.

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