Saturday, July 7, 2012

Racism in America

Racism in America

By The Lady Rhiannon 


Race is still an important factor in people's minds in this country, even though we have obviously made headway against racism. It is the same with misogyny, the feminist movement and the civil rights movement has made great strides, but there is a long, long way to go. It was not too long ago that we had segregation in this country….and slavery is not a part of ancient history either. The inherent disparity and inequalities within our system remains very strong. I am reminded that racism and irrational fear and ignorance every day and I am sickened when I hear such stories as those of John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg, who were both writers from the National Review that were fired because of their racist rants.
Derbyshire asserted that whites are smarter than black people, black people are dangerous and whites should avoid them, but to keep a couple black friends around so that no one can accuse you of being a racist. Weissberg similarly asserted that black are simply more barbaric and stupid, and that white should segregate themselves by creating what he described as "whitetopias. These racists are not alone; there is an array of racist rants on YouTube and white supremacist websites ranging in extremity. Ohio is leading the Midwest in the number of racist organizations (73 that are known about). I don't see the end of prejudice and bigotry coming anytime soon.
Young Obama with his mother.
Many thought that Barack Obama’s election into office was the sign that racism was no longer a significant factor in our culture. From what I have seen, the opposite has proven true. I believe that many racists have been quietly dormant for a while, but the election of Obama as president has driven racists and bigots of all shapes and sizes to slither out from under their rocks and show their ugly faces once again. In many ways, the denial of racism in our culture can be seen as a new form of racism, spurred by the apathetic oblivion in which many people reside.   
Education is the key to our release from this irrational delusion of racial superiority. We are all different, we are meant to be, and genetic variation is essential to our survival and to our continuing evolutionary development. Racists discriminate against difference in skin pigmentation which is a result of evolution adapting the human skin to live in a hot sunny place like Africa. Blond, pale skinned Arians came from the far north where there was very little sun, which is why they burn easily. Our differences make perfect sense; the hatred of those differences makes no sense at all. Unfortunately, in a world where many do not believe in evolution, there are those who resist truth and choose ignorance over fact, and hatred over understanding.   

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