Sunday, July 8, 2012

What Do I Believe?

First Let Us Ask Ourselves.....
What Is Belief?

An acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists.
Something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.
I have been asking myself this recently. What do I believe, what is just hope, what is opinion, and what do I disbelieve? People are so quick to apply belief and faith to their opinions and ideas about what might be. Somehow they assume that if they think it, than it must be true. Suddenly, “I think gays are icky” becomes, “God hates gay people and god speaks through my thoughts.” There are many things that cannot be proven conclusively, but that have a lot of logical merit and could be reasonably possible. Unfortunately, there are also many things people claim to believe that have absolutely no logical merit, ethical boundaries, or basis in possible reality. Belief is a trust that something is true, with or without evidence of truth. Faith is belief without proof. So what do I believe with no evidence… in faith?
Before I answer that pertaining to metaphysics, I am going to say that I truly have faith with all my heart that somebody, somewhere in the town I am living in right now is, at this very moment, drinking a beer…….
Why do I believe that? It is logical…and I bet they are within 200 feet of me too.
I also believe that, without looking outside, the sky is still blue.
My point is, not all beliefs without proof are ludicrous and moronic… I try to remain un-jaded by all the insane, immoral, illogical, and multilevel impossibilities of what most people believe.
Okay, what do I believe in faith about metaphysics? Not much….
I believe in my sustainable consciousness….I believe that I will always have a consciousness on some level, somehow, somewhere…call it a soul. I believe in a pantheistic energy system and that energy can be manipulated. I also believe that the mind is capable of far more than we yet understand. I also believe in Extra Sensory Perception and I think psychology will do a lot to back me up in the next decade or so. I believe that everything is relevant and that everything affects everything else. However even these "beliefs" are more like hopes and strong opinions, since I do not claim to know without a shadow of uncertainty. I have a very strong opinion that I have a soul, but when does one cross the line into belief? Can one only say they believe when they refuse to accept the possibility of any other truth? If so, the belief in anything seems arrogant.
Those are the closest things I can come to beliefs.....
Anything else I may have lazily expressed as a belief is really just hope. I hope a lot of things. I hope that karma is on some level real, I hope that there is a pleasant afterlife, I hope I will never be permanently separated from my children, I hope that fairies are real... Why not? Maybe they are on another planet. I have many theories and ideas as well. I theorize that reincarnation is true on some level, I theorize that the soul evolves as any physical being does.
My biggest category seems to be disbelief. Technically, by definition, I am an atheist. I have a solid DIS-belief in “higher” beings, deities, and god. I believe that god is not real; it is an imagined concept of utter fiction. However, I also DIS-believe in nothingness after death, and some picky atheists I know might argue that a belief in the soul is a theistic belief. However, that would make us all gods, so the whole idea loses its meaning since all would be equal….but I suppose I could look at it that way. We are on our own though, there is no great over-seer. I don’t care if anyone else believes what I believe, and most do not; I sometimes fall in the center of things it seems. It does not matter either way. In the end it is what it is. In truth, we know nothing about what will happen, and probably will never know in life....but the answer is not in a work of fiction, or a religion. Actually, I am not trying to find the answer. I will just live for as long as I am capable and see what happens when it happens.
I seek the betterment of myself in this life, at this moment; my spiritual and physical well-being. Living now is the only sensible answer; not trying to prepare for, or answer for, what somebody thinks might be true. Those who claim a religion rarely actually believe…they just say they do. They have taken hope and fear, and turned it into the illusion of belief…as a means of coping with the fear and comforting themselves. That alone seems harmless enough; we all have means of comforting ourselves. 
Unfortunately, the social doctrine and the blind, cult-like adherence to oppressive and often immoral conformist standards creates a viral epidemic of blind, ignorant, and personally repressed individuals with pre-programmed hatreds, prejudices, misinformation, and irrational fears. So much death, hate, destruction, and chaos caused by disagreements about what everyone thinks might happen....that is not how they see it, but that is what it is. That is what happens when fearful sheep turn to a shepherd to lead them off into Lala land and off a cliff, where they teach their children that there are no possibilities other than their “truths”….but they don’t actually believe, it’s indoctrination. 
For my part, you can call me a pantheist, an atheist, and an agnostic, and you would be right.

~The Lady Rhiannon

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  1. Amazing writing! This is how I feel and have such a hard time explaining to most people. Thanks.